Anti hangover pills - Hangovercaps - How to cure a Hangover

Nausea, headache and no energy, the famous symptoms of a hangover. Hangovercaps is a remedy against hangovers. There are many supposed cures for hangovers. The intensity of a hangover depends on the condition of the liver, which is partially determined by heredity and also lifestyle. By taking Hangovercaps before consuming alcohol, your liver will receive optimal support and you will not have a hangover the next morning.

Hangovercaps also provides extra energy for when you go out!

What can Hangovercaps do for Hangover Prevention?

Besides the famous headache, the hangover is usually acompanied by nausea and an imbalance of the nerve system. These hangover symptoms are the result of the toxins inside the body, which arise with the degradation of the alcohol. Hangovercaps provide the body with a basis of the right vitamins. By taking Hangovercaps before consuming alcohol, you provide your liver with the optimal basis. With Hangovercaps, all the natural supplements your liver needs to degrade the alcohol fast, are present. In addition, the three main ingredients: Kudzu, Ginseng and Asparagine take care of an accelerated detoxification progress. Besides, Ginseng provides extra energy - handy when you want to enjoy a night on the town!

Drink enough water - important fact about how to avoid a hangover

The headache you experience the next day is the result of dehydration. Alcohol makes the kidneys release extra fluid. It is highly recommended to drink enough water before and after consuming alcohol.


Provides extra energy for when you go out
Complements the right vitamins for the liver
Accelerates the detoxification process
No more hangovers


Proven positive effect on the liver
Responsible, natural product





The Vitamins

Vitamine B1 has an influence on the mental system and the nerve system in general. When using alcohol and drugs, the body needs extra Vitamin B1. Each capsule contains 5 mg of Vitamin B1. This is 454% of the RDA per capsule.
Vitaminen B3 provides extra energy and is favourable in case of diarreah, depression and stomach problems. Each capsule contains 15 mg of Vitamin B3. This means 100% of the RDA per capsule.
Vitaminen B5 decreases fatigue, cramps, stomach aches and vomiting. Each capsule contains 10mg. This is 200% of the RDA per capsule.
Vitaminen C is the preeminent cleansing vitamin. It takes care of a fast drainage of waste products like alcohol. Each capsule contains 50mg. That is 71% of the RDA per capsule.