Best Anti-Hangover Tips


Best Anti-Hangover Tips

After a long night of party and drinking, hangover sinks in at the end of the day. When headache is worse, you will feel like there’s a hammer pounding in your head. You feel nauseated and you vomit and loss your energy. You want to get rid of these feelings, so here are anti-hangover tips you can benefit from.


Always eat before you decide to drown yourself with alcohol. Avoid fatty foods before drinking for it can cause diarrhea. Eating healthy meal is the simplest anti-hangover you can have. Don’t ever drink with an empty stomach for it will not just cause you hangover but as well as gastric problems such as ulcer or even worse in chronic alcohol drinking such as liver damage. When you drink, eat foods such as peanuts or fires because food will absorb alcohol thus, it lessens the effects on your body. Another anti-hangover is Gatorade or other sports drink. It will hydrate you body and help you fight hang-over. Studies have shown that it takes an hour to breakdown alcohol in the liver; therefore, an effective anti-hangover is to consume one bottle an hour. If you don’t have knowledge about alcoholic beverages, don’t mix and drink different types of alcohol. This will cause you more hangovers.


Sleep, is the one of the most effective anti-hangover. To counter alcohol’s effects, your body produces insulin which causes exhaustion. With this, you need to take enough rest. Anti-hangover remedies are incomplete without sleep. Take a hot shower and drink a glass of water before going to bed will be of great help for hangovers.


Look for the best anti-hangover pills either on the web or at your favorite drug store. You can take anti-hangover pills but make sure to follow the correct dosage. Many have proven that some of these anti-hangover pills are effective so try to look for the best one before you get drunk. Avoid taking pain relievers such as aspirins because it can damage your liver.


If you suffer from severe tremors and you vomit with blood, better consult a doctor right away to avoid any further damage in your body. Keep in mind to drink moderately and once you’re drunk, don’t dare drive. Whatever your reasons for drinking, always be safe. There will never be hangover unless you drink. Therefore, the best anti-hangover is to avoid drinking alcohol!

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